Consulting & Tutoring

I offer consulting and tutoring services. I have extensive experience consulting companies and individuals on best practices regarding creating editing presentations, properly setting up masters, managing formatting issues that arise from combining slides from multiple decks, and setting up an optimized toolbar, all for a streamlined, painless work experience. Email or call 917.591.9606 for more information or to make an appointment.

  • Consultation & instruction for every type of company/professional, from those with intermediate skills who wish to up their game preparing profesional-looking presentations, to those who have nenver even opened the program.
  • There are usually several ways to perform the same task while creating a presentation. The key to using PowerPoint & Keynote quickly & efficiently is to set up tools on the toolbar to streamlin functionality.
  • I provide keyboard command & toolbar “cheat sheets” with icon images labeled with their corresponding functions. Yours to keep for future reference.
  • Interested in going beyond the basics and creating advanced presentations with graphics, animation, audio, & video? Capturing online video and even editing it? I provide instruction in these disciplines, be its Photoship Illustrator, or QuickTimePro, as they relate to creating high-end presentations.