Pricing & Disclaimer

Before paying for a job to be completed, you understand and agree to the following:

  • Fees
    Rate is generally priced per hour and final fee will depend on complexity of work and amout of time required. A project fee is not usually accepted but can be arranged under special circumstances. If special materials are required for your project (Flash drives, CDs/DVDs), these must either be purchased directly by the hiring company or individual or must be paid for upfront and cannot be added to billing invoices.
  • videos
    A private link on youtube, unavailable to the public, will be provided to you to review a watermarked version of the video for your approval. Payment in full must be received before a watermarked-free version of your video can be uploaded to your personal youtube channel.
  • Use of images and video in presentations
    If images or videos sourced for your presentation must either be public domain, or purchased in the case of rights-managed images/videos, this must be discussed before work begins. Otherwise all possible liabilities resulting from usage are the sole responsibility of the client. If images/videos require purchase, they must be paid for in advance by the client.